Road safety concerns everyone and it is the most serious level of risk faced by IOM staff. Vehicle accidents remain the leading cause of occupational death and injury to personnel throughout IOM missions. With the dramatic changes in security – especially involving the movement of staff  by land transport, road safety has become a serious concern. IOM operates in increasingly insecure environments and with the threat from terrorism and organized crime at a global high, more colleagues than ever before are either directly or indirectly exposed to a wider range of risks when on the road. Overall, the risks of being a victim while driving are much greater for the large number of you travelling and working in volatile environments.
Being in a vehicle can give you a false sense of security and can possibly make you a victim of carjacking, hijacking, kidnapping, land mines, improvised explosive devices and shootings. Improve your safe driving habits and keep yourself and your colleagues safe and support senior management’s and SSU’s efforts to mitigate the risks involving driving or the use of IOM vehicles by following this link to learn more about basic safety procedures that could save your life.
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