IOM Supports Fortifying of Borders against TB

Since June 2013, IOM Zambia has been implementing a tuberculosis (TB) screening programme on behalf of the United Kingdom Home Office. The programme aims to reduce the resurgence of TB in the UK through early identification and treatment of those diagnosed with TB before they travel and thus significantly prevent spread of TB in their home country and to the UK. The TB screening targets long-term visa applicants who intend to reside in the UK for six months or more. Since the beginning of the programme in Zambia, a total of 400 people have been screened. The bulk of the clients screened were students and over 90 per cent of them were below 40 years of age.

The screening process includes clients undergoing a chest x-ray, and if the chest x-ray is clear the clients are issued with a certificate to facilitate their visa application and travel. Those clients whose chest x-rays are suggestive of pulmonary TB are referred for further investigative tests, including sputum smear and culture to determine the next course of action. Clients found to have active pulmonary TB are required to undergo TB treatment before they travel to the UK.

To make a booking for the TB screening programme clients can contact the IOM office by phone (+260 972 176 983 or +260 211254 055), by email ( or come to the IOM office in person (Plot 4626 Mwaimwena Road, Rhodes Park, Lusaka).