IOM's Craig Murphy Talks About Migration on Table Talk on Ebru Africa with Beryl Ooro

IOM’s Regional Coordinator in Kenya, Craig Murphy, talks about Migration in the Horn of Africa at Ebru Africa TV.

“What we're doing in IOM is migration on the global context specifically for the program responsible for here, we look at what we call irregular migraton. Typically, these are people from South Central areas of Somalia and Ethiopia that are moving outside of the Horn of Africa and sometimes within the Horn of Africa, other parts of Africa or to regions such as the Gulf countries, sometimes into Europe and to other areas. They are mostly looking for different opportunities and trying to safeguard economic and political security for themselves and their families. This is what continues to drive most of the migration of people seeking greener pastures if you will, looking for other opportunities. There is of course a mixed of reason that people are moving. Some are leaving strictly for economic reasons, looking for alternative livelihoods, looking for other opportunities to contribute to the their economic security. Others are moving out of Africa for reasons of persecution, fleeing for reasons of armed conflict for example. So it's really a variety of reasons mostly related to the economics and politics.

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