Keeping Haiyan Survivors Warm

By Christy Marfil

Theresita Modesto is 53 years old, and lived in Magallanes, Tacloban City.

She and her family stayed in the redemptorist church since the day (Friday/8 Nov) the typhoon made landfall in Tacloban.

Her husband is missing since then. They are still looking for him.

She said that she only brought their important documents, but no clothes and food.   

Today, she received a blanket from the International Organization for Migration.  She is very thankful that for tonight, she will be warmed from the cold weather and be protected from the mosquitoes. She has been living on the entrance of the convent of the Redemptorist Church.

They don't have access to radio, television or internet. They got news from the church leaders. No electricity still at the moment.