The Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA) project

“MIDA encourages women from the diaspora to invest not only their resources, skills, and training – but also their hearts and souls into the development of their home countries.” -- Hamiddah

Hamiddah Aden* (standing at the front) is one of 151 Somali technical consultants from the diaspora who have been deployed by IOM on short term capacity-building appointments in Somali government institutions, under the Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA) project. Despite security constraints, IOM made specific efforts to involve female experts and deployed 22 women in various assignments, over a three-year period. For example, one consultant helped the Ministry of Family Affairs and Social Development to implement the National Gender Policy and Action Plan. Women experts are also engaged in non-stereotypical occupations (e.g. as IDP and Returnee Advisor, Institutional Development Expert, Immigration Advisor, doctors) thereby acting as role models for other women and sensitizing men.

The MIDA programme aims to strengthen institutional capacities of African governments to manage and realize their development goals through diaspora engagement. To find out more about the project, read the MIDA info sheet:
* name changed to protect her identity