Missing Migrants Project

Mediterranean Migrant Deaths Spike in May

May 25 to May 31 marked the deadliest week in the Mediterranean Sea so far this year: 1,083 migrants are estimated to have died or gone missing in nine separate incidents.

Children Caught Up in Migration and Refugee Emergency

According to  UNICEF, one child in ten is growing up in a conflict zone.

Missing Migrants Project

Missing Migrants Project (MMP) is a global database tracking deaths of migrants and those who have gone missing along migratory routes worldwide. The research behind this project began with the October 2013 tragedies, when at least 368 migrants died in two shipwrecks near the Italian island of Lampedusa.

IOM develops comprehensive platform on Europe’s Migration Emergency

As part of its overall response to Europe’s migration emergency, IOM DTM has developed a comprehensive platform to display and evaluate the complex migration flows from Africa to Europe. This multi-layered platform displays data on a number of critical components necessary to understanding the scale, scope and patterns of current migration dynamics in Europe.

A Mother’s Love Does Not Allow Me to Surrender

The day is sunny and the heat is brutal. The central park is bustling with people who walk around wrapped in the noise coming from buses and street vendors shouting the benefits of their products. It is a typical morning in a Salvadorean town.

3 Things Governments Need to do to Solve Migration Crises

Photo courtesy of Frontex/Malavolta 2015

By William Lacy Swing

In a world where migration has become a phenomenon of our time and is due to increase, my biggest concern is how to save the lives of migrants taking dangerous routes – by sea and land – to flee violence or poverty.

Migrants Must Be Saved, Not Counted

iom map

By William Lacy Swing, IOM Director General

GENEVA--Easter tells us of mankind's triumph over injustice; Passover of mankind's liberation from dictatorship.

Both holidays should remind everyone today living in peace and security of the terrible price millions elsewhere are paying to achieve the freedom to live in dignity.