More than 700 Refugees Resettled to Third Countries by IOM in 2015

Zambia has been an exemplary host to refugees over the past 50 years. IOM Zambia works closely with the Government of Zambia and UNHCR and other stakeholders to provide durable solutions for refugees and displaced persons.

As one of the durable solutions for refugees, Movement Resettlement (MOV) to third countries has played a significant role in responding to the challenges posed by hosting refugees. In 2015, IOM Zambia facilitated resettlement to third countries for more than 700 refugees. Over 70 per cent of these refugees moved to the United States of America under the United States Refugee Program. Compared to previous years, during this same period there was a steady increase of resettlement cases to other countries, notably Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Norway and the Netherlands.


Refugees Resettled in 2015

MOV – Movement Resettlement

MAD – Movement Assisted Division. The Division provides technical expertise in areas including migration policy, administrative and operational practices and procedures, training and direct assistance. Its key areas of focus include assisted voluntary return and reintegration, and protection of and assistance to vulnerable migrants, including victims of trafficking and unaccompanied migrant children.