Volunteer voices of inclusion from IOM Thailand

Panitee Nuykram (second from the left) serves as UN Volunteer Media and Communications Officer with IOM in Thailand. Here she is advocating for the Sustainable Development Goals with colleagues. Photo: UNV 2019

In Thailand, UN Volunteers effectively advocate for the respect of human rights. Panitee Nuykram serves with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) as a national UN Youth Volunteer Media and Communications Officer in her home country, Thailand. On the occasion of International Volunteer Day, Panitee shares how she volunteers for an inclusive future.

Through my assignment with IOM, I help to increase the understanding of the positive contribution of migrants towards their communities and enhance their inclusion.

Migrants are a vulnerable group affected by multiple forms of discrimination and therefore deserve attention. I believe that migrants should be recognized as agents for development. If people had more positive attitudes towards migrants, this would help in preventing discriminatory treatment within society.

"A central principle of the 2030 Agenda is inclusivity; it includes a pledge to leave no one behind. To achieve this, migrants and migration must be considered in all aspects of implementing the SDGs and targets. "

--Panitee Nuykram, UN Youth Volunteer Media and Communications Officer with IOM, Thailand

I find it unfortunate that news channels portray migrants in a negative way, creating an environment where exploitation of migrants is viewed as acceptable behavior.

For Dana Graber Ladek, Chief of the IOM office in Thailand, "understanding the key role migrants play in Thailand’s economic development and developing positive attitudes towards migrants in the country can help prevent discriminatory treatment within society." Dana also values the contribution of UN Volunteers.

"UN Volunteers are efficient and provide a diverse talent solution. They are at the forefront of development and humanitarian issues, includnig migration, which is at the core of development as per the Sustainable Development Goals."

--Dana Graber Ladek, Chief of the IOM office, Thailand