A Word from the Director of ITC

It is with great enthusiasm that I am now writing to you in my capacity as the Director of ITC. It has been six years since I was last in this post. I am pleased to be back and to meet anew the people with whom I had worked with in many great projects as well as new colleagues in ITC.

I am heartened to see an ITC Newsletter circulating within the Organization. It is a great way of making all of us aware of the many innovative solutions that our Offices are implementing and the technological advances that the ITC Division is working hard to bring to you so that we may better serve those whom we have committed to serve.

It is encouraging to see the progress and performance of the team and I am committed to build on what has been achieved. I thank my predecessor, Dipti Pardeshi, for efforts to expand the bounds of IT initiatives by embarking on projects that exploit the use of technology to address IOM’s needs.

Moving forward, I intend to continue to strategically position ourselves to be at the cutting edge of technology with the sole objective to, improve processes and systems to deliver enhanced services to our colleagues in the field, HQ and the administrative centers who, in turn, deliver high performance results to our beneficiaries and stakeholders.

I wish to emphasize and encourage high performance from the ITC team in the whole Organization. I would like to constantly challenge the team to innovate and to take execution and accomplishment of our craft to the next level of performance, achievement of results and delivery of services. We shall strive to stay ahead of technology innovation as we operate to meet the Organization’s needs.

I count on everyone to work in a collaborative manner to achieve a set of results and targets that we will be establishing in line with the IOM global strategy and results framework to make certain that as a global IT team, we deliver nothing less than the best to the Organization. | Watch video

Bernardo Mariano Jr.
Director, ITC Division