By Annie Cosalan

What is your personality type? Are you outgoing and bubbly or shy and introverted? Don’t worry if you’re the latter because no less than The New York Times recently opined that “Introverts Make Great Leaders Too.”
Your email signature may be telling more about your personality than you wish. We all work for a great cause . But could it be that the signature stamp at the bottom of the countless emails you doubtless send every day, conveys a less positive impression than you perhaps intend? 
Perish the thought, we don’t want people to start putting animated emoticons alongside their names.  (Although many IOM colleagues seem to enjoy inserting them into their emails, which is sometimes charming).
Over the last couple of months, you may have received the occasional email from a colleague bearing social media icons alongside the official IOM logo. Let me reassure you that this was not a mistake or unauthorized experiment. In fact, the Media and Communications Department (MCD) has  been road-testing these icons (Facebook,Twitter, YouTube, Prezi) as a way of generating more visibility for IOM’s work worldwide. We all know the importance of social media, even if we are not ourselves tempted to participate actively in the brave new world of Tweets, Status Updates, Likes, Comments and Shares. Life’s too short for all that malarkey.
What we can offer is a simple email signature template that allows your correspondents to quickly see IOM’s social media output and to learn more about your work. You may not immediately get it, but believe me your children, nephews and nieces may suddenly start seeing you (and the organization you work for) in a different light. Still not convinced? Please click here and for more details.

Annie Cosalan is the Communications Specialist for IOM