Youth Forum Debates Critical Issues in Adale District

Years of Al-Shabaab rule in Adale District, Middle Shabelle have left youth disengaged and with limited opportunities, increasing their vulnerability to violent extremism. In addition, youth who grew up during the conflict have a poor understanding of the importance of community relations and of the role of government institutions.

To strengthen peace and promote community engagement, IOM procured soccer shoes, socks, shin pads, shorts, t-shirts, balls and goal nets for 64 youth in Adale.

The sports equipment enables youth to participate in regular soccer games. On 30 September 2015, the Adale Sports Association organized a youth forum to discuss issues related to conflict, rape and clannism. Twelve young community members and sports activists in Adale participated in the discussion which was held in the Adale District Commissioner’s office. The youth forum was followed by a soccer match between two local teams.

Adale youth and sports activists participate in the youth forum to discuss issues related to conflict, rape and clannism. © Abdullahi Farah 2015

This discussion will open the doors for us to reach our common goal of making us united in developing our public interests and protecting them. We have been fighting for control over political power, but that didn’t help us develop. We can develop our country in discussing our differences,” said Noor Omar, a soccer player and Adale resident.

“I feel peace because I came here to watch my village team play. Sport is a sign of peace. All the people here have only one purpose: competing in sports and nothing else. That’s a positive thing,” said Ahmed Khalid, Buulo Sheikh Village resident.

IOM ‘Sports for Peace’ programing is key to improving youth integration and promoting peace as it helps create a positive attitude amongst youth through regular sport activities.

Haldoon & Buulo Sheikh soccer teams compete in Adale. © Abdullahi Farah 2015

TIS-IOM October Highlights:

  • To enhance security and promote collaboration between the citizens and the police, IOM supported the local government to train 58 women entrepreneurs who have businesses along Lido Beach, Mogadishu. The training focused on business management, food hygiene, waste management, security awareness and reporting security irregularities. To support the women’s businesses, IOM also provided umbrellas, ice coolers, plastic tables, chairs, brooms and dustbins.
  • To improve safety and spur economic development, IOM supported the Adale District administration to install 25 poles of solar streetlights covering an approximate distance of 1 km along the district’s main road in September 2015.
  • To increase the delivery of basic services to Kahda residents in Mogadishu, IOM supported the construction of Kahda District community center and provided IT equipment and furniture. The center has six offices, one meeting hall, a basketball court, and boundary wall. On 13 October 2015, around 500 community members and government officials attended a Community Dialogue event to celebrate the completion of the district community center.