Freeing Migration from Populist Myths: Geneva Hosts Public Debate about Modern Migration

Following a tragic week, during which at least 148 migrants lost their lives in two separate sea incidents off the coasts of Tunisia and Yemen, IOM Deputy Director General Ambassador Laura Thompson participated in the public debate “Migration, from Global to Local” where she discussed the challenges of managing one of the most important phenomena of our times: migration.

More Work Needed to Reduce the Vulnerability of Migrants During Emergencies

Migrants are often among the groups most affected by natural hazards and armed conflicts. Language barriers, limited social networks and isolation are some of the factors that may limit migrants’ ability to ensure their own safety and well-being.

Despite these challenges, migrants frequently fall through the cracks of national and international emergency efforts.

5 Must-know Features of MigApp

Travelling internationally means being prepared: obtaining the required travel documents, acquiring the destination country's currency, and overcoming language barriers. Developed to facilitate the migration journey, many of MigApp's core features can improve the travelling experience of anyone.

#1: Secure My Documents

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